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Tele-practice Essentials

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Learn, or perfect the key knowledge and skills, to ensure you rock your online therapy sessions!

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From Tele-practice Newbie to Ninja

We know that not everyone is starting their Tele-practice journey at the same stage.
All modules are designed to be taken in isolation, based on what you need to know, right now.
You also have the option to obtain the full course as a bundle if you wish to take it in learning order.

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We are still building at the moment, however our Pick 'n Mix course modules are live and available for you to take right away!

If you want to know our plans for this course series, please visit our blog here

Your Course Team

Վիկտորիա Մալայան

Marijke Morris

Speech & Language Therapist

Marijke set up CATTS (Clinical Assessment Therapy & Training Services) in 2009 so that she could help people access speech and language therapy without long waiting lists. Since 2015, she has been delivering online training to healthcare professionals, parents and educators.

Դանիելա Մարգարյան

Jennifer Grundulis

Speech & Language Therapist

Jennifer has over 25 years experience as an SLP. She received her undergraduate degree from Syracuse University in New York before qualifying with her master’s degree at the University of Texas at Dallas. She has written numerous training courses for SLPs, parents and teachers.


Joe Morris

Practice Manager

Joe is the CATTS Practice Manager for CATTS Online Speech & Language Therapy. He has a background in IT and training, and has created courses focusing on the soft skills that can make the difference between being good, and great.

What our Viewers Say

quot student

Videos are really great. The visuals that have been added are super helpful in being able to understand what is being spoken about and what the over all telepractice looks like.

Մարի ԴարդանյանSLP Previewer

The idea of the toilet roll holder is excellent, and I plan on using that myself.

Վանեսա ՄունանյանSLP Preview Reviewer

I LOVE the organisation and aesthetic of the box for the cue cards. Its such a simple idea but so practical!

Մարիա ՎարդանյանSenior SLP Previewer

I had a question about the doc camera, which was answered.

authorSenior SLP Previewer